If you were ill and unable to work

Income ProtectionOur most important asset is our ability to work, create income and to provide for our family and ourselves. But what would happen if you were unable to work due to accident or illness?

  • How long would your employer continue to pay you?
  • Are you self employed? How long would your business stay afloat?
  • Could you pay your monthly mortgage?
  • Could you afford the other necessities of life?
  • Could you afford to take the time to recover properly and get yourself back on track?

Income Protection covers you against being out of work due to any illness, accident or disability. It can give you an income after 8 weeks and the costs are tax deductible. It helps you, your family and perhaps your business to survive the financial strain of long term illness. Ensure that your income is properly protected by doing a O’Sullivan Financial Solutions review today!


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