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Here are some brief examples of the results we have been able to achieve on behalf of our clients:



  • Met client in 2011.
  • Client concerned about lack of growth of Investments/ARF plans
  • Also worried about Risk

McCann Financial……

  • Re-arranged portfolio and achieved substantial growth in funds
  • Did not expose client to major risk.
  • Client delighted with results.


  • Met client in 2009
  • Had large amount of existing life and illness policies, accumulated over the years.
  • Client unclear about benefits/cost/value for money.

McCann Financial….

  • Reviewed policies, made changes, simplified things
  • Client saved money, improved benefits
  • Client now knows what he has and, more importantly, why.


  • Met Client in 2010
  • Reviewed portfolio of business arrangements.

McCann Financial….

  • Ensured business secure in the event of death of a partner.
  • Reviewed Pension Plan which was not performing.
  • Set up regular review process (twice yearly)
  • Client clear about existing plans and future goals.


  • Met client in 2015
  • Needed Mortgage Protection Cover in big hurry for loan.

McCann Financial…..

  • Arranged policy within two days of first contact.
  • Client happily in new home.


See Testimonial Page for other client comments.


Donal 28/07/2015



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