Retiring and Having Fun

Most of us will stop working one day; at least we will stop working at the same hectic pace as today. And what will we do when we are not working as much as we are now? Chances are we will spend money. At O’Sullivan Financial Solutions l we recognize that most people will survive when retired; a combination of state pension, lower expenses, less family commitments means that you will stay afloat, but will you be able to do the things you enjoy?

  • Go On Holiday?
  • Retain Membership of Your Golf Club?
  • Continue Your Hectic Social Life?

Retirement Planning can be approached in many ways, but O’Sullivan Financial Solutions like to put you at the centre. Yes, we do need to discuss those Pension Policies but your other arrangements are important too…so..

  • Let’s assess your retirement goals and aspirations.
  • Let’s see how you are tracking for these goals.
  • Let’s assess existing pension and other arrangements.
  • Let’s plan an enjoyable retirement.


3 Small Points about Pension Plans!!

  • They still make sense from a taxation point of view.
  • Pensions can be invested in a wide range of assets, not just into volatile stock markets.
  • They are not as confusing as you think, or shouldn’t be!!

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