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Most small businesses today are fighting to survive in a difficult economic climate. In addition to this many rely on 1 or 2 key people to keep things running smoothly. This situation gives rise to a number of important questions:

  • Could your business continue to operate efficiently if a key member of the team was absent due to death or long-term illness?
  • If a partner (share holder) in your business died who would own the company?
  • How would your company or business compensate the spouse and family of a deceased partner/share holder for his or her role in building up the business?

A O’Sullivan Financial Solutions Business Review will help you to ensure that your business can survive most of the challenges that life throws up.

  • Key Person Cover can protect you cash flow if that key person is absent.
  • Share Purchase Cover can give you funds to maintain control and ownership.
  • Co Directors Cover can also provide for the family of a deceased partner.


Can you be certain that your business is properly protected?

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